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Disk Degaussing Service

Complete & Permanent Data Erasure

This service is designed to destroy data in high-security electromagnetic degaussers to remove data instantaneously and completely.

Our degaussers will remove all data from functional or damaged disks instantly, regardless of their OS, storage capacity, or interface (IDE/SCSI).  After degaussing, the data in the magnetic disk is completely removed and the disk is not usable anymore.  No data can be recovered from it.

Disk Degaussing Service Singapore
Service Features

NEA-Licensed e-Waste Disposal Facility |  Professional Magnetic Degaussers |  Degaussing Certificate


Candice Yam 





Professional and friendly hard disk destruction service. You can watch the destruction process on the spot and be assured it’s handled securely. Highly recommend.

Mads Christiansen



Jodie and her team have been of great service.
Good pricing with high quality. I can definitely recommend DataExpert Singapore!

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