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Customization & Flexibility

We support your investigative needs.


Digital Forensics Under One Roof

Here at DataExpert Singapore, we offer this service so that you can have your own covet space to conduct your digital investigations in, surrounded by relevant equipment and expertise.

Our digital forensic lab is multi-purposeful and contains equipment that allows you to investigate a range of digital forensic cases, namely in the area of mobile forensics, video forensics, computer forensics and more.

Contact us below to find out how our lab can assist you in your corporate/private  digital investigations today.

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As mentioned above, our lab contains forensic hardware and software tools that allow you to conduct a range of digital forensic cases. We also have corners dedicated for :

  • Chip-off Forensics

  • Mobile Forensics

  • Computer Forensics

  • Video Forensics
    (list above is non-exhaustive, please contact us for more information)


We take security very seriously here at DataExpert Singapore. Thus we do our best to ensure that our lab is a safe and secure place to conduct your digital investigations in.

Our lab's accessibility is controlled by a biometric system that prevents unauthorized entry and tampering of material. We also provide storage lockers and containers for proper device and media storage. If necessary, secure disposal bins are also available.


Digital forensics is a complex process. Let us guide you.

Our team will be glad to assist you throughout the investigation. With our industrial knowledge and experience, we hope to provide you with the technical expertise required.


Setting Up Your Own Digital Forensic Lab

We will start with a conversation with you to understand the initiative you have in mind. And we will piece up the necessary elements for the lab and put them into a holistic view that you could visualize. From there, more processes will kickoff to manage and implement the lab successfully. 

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