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It comes with many features to facilitate data copying and data deletion and It is a time-saver when large volume of hard drives are involved.  Up to 10 duplicators can be connected using cables, thus enabling simultaneous copy of 59 HDDs and simultaneous deletion of 60 HDDs.


  • Fastest duplication speed available in the industry (up to 36GB/min, speed varies according to performance of connected device)
  • Stand-alone or PC-controlled operation (PC host software included free of charge)
  • Copy only used disk areas to drastically reduce copy time for any operating system or file system
  • Sector-to-sector copy: copy drives sector-by-sector to produce identical target drives
  • CRC compare: verify data of every copied sector and ensure a 0% error rate
  • Complete HPA control: add/remove HPA on HDDs
  • Cross-interface copy: copy between interfaces (ATA-SATA)
  • Automatic QC testing during all operations to ensure quality of produced HDDs
  • Various erasure methods: Low Level Format, DoD Erase, NSA Erase. (Additional erasure methods can be created)
  • Adjustable parameters: customize all operations according to specific needs
  • Automation: create/combine any operations to be run automatically at the push of a button
  • Execution logs can be immediately saved to USB memory connected to the main unit.
  • Network up to 10 units to make a single 1-to-59 duplicator. No speed reduction when linked!

1:5 SSD Duplicator

  • High Speed 1:5 HDD/SSD Duplicator & Erase
    1:5 SSD Duplicator (YG1060) is a high speed hard drive duplicator and eraser that can connect up to 5 HDDs for copying or diagnosis, or up to 6 HDDs for deletion.  It has a maximum duplication speed of 36GB/min

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