3-in-1 Fever Detector

3-in-1 Smart Fever Detector 

* Fever Detection & Alert Functions

- Automatic Facial Recognition Functions

- Metal Detection & Alert Functions


This automatic body temperature measurement and alarm equipment is designed to dynamically detect persons with high body temperature.  It is suitable for mass screening of visitors or large groups of people at places such as 

  • Airports & Customs
  • Schools and Kindergartens
  • Hotels, Shopping Malls, & Restaurants
  • Exhibitions and Conferences
  • Factories and Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Government buildings


With its walk-through-the-door design and its powerful sensing technology, it allows enforcement officers to quickly determine who amongst the visitors may have a fever and then direct them aside for further testing, without any contact with the person.

  • Scan visitors’ temperature as they walk through the door.  Easy, Fast, No Queue
  • Fast Scan & Alert. For Airport, Hospital, Schools, Hotels, Exhibitions, Factories, Offices
  • Power Infrared Sensor for fast & accurate measurement. 
  • No-contact. Automatic Sound & Light Alarm.  Lessen risk for enforcement staff.
  • Rapid installation and deployment. 
  • Advanced and fast recognition system for employees and visitors
  • Advanced metal detection and alert functions.



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