BitRaser Drive Eraser

  • Securely Erases Sensitive & Confidential Data Across Drives, Devices, & Platforms
  • Ideal for Enterprise, Government, Institution, & SMB


BitRaser serves your need for a certified solution that can assure permanent data erasure when
disposing or returning leased IT assets. It can securely wipe data beyond data recovery from all kinds of storage devices & generates tamper proof audit trails. BitRaser’s trusted automated reporting helps you to meet internal & external data security audit requirements and comply with global data privacy laws or regulations like – EU GDPR, GLB, SOX, HIPAA, ISO27001, PCI-DSS etc.


» Securely erases data from PCs, Servers, laptops & rack mounted drives
» Simultaneously erase multiple drives at high speed
» Supports erasure of all major drive types - SATA, PATA, SSD, NVMe, M.2, PCI, SAS, SCSI, IDE,


USB, Fibre Channel & FireWire
» Supports 24 global (+5 custom) erasure standards like DoD, NIST, HMG, etc.
» Identifies and erases hidden areas like HPA, DCO & remapped sectors
» Supports multiple block size drives
» Supports RAID dismantling
» Supports Internet connectivity via Ethernet & Wi-Fi
» Secure client server communication with AES encryption


» Create bootable USB using downloadable ISO image from Cloud
» Cloud-based console for user, license management & maintaining repository of reports
» Ability to add asset tag & pre-report information before erasure
» Identifies dead drives through LED notification
» Pre-configure ISO image with custom settings for easy deployment


» Generates secure, 100% tamper proof reports & erasure certificates for audit trails
» Saves erasure report in various formats like PDF, XML
» Export reports from client to cloud

BitRaser Drive Eraser



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