CD & Paper Shredder is the perfect solution for top secret and classified shredding of paper and optical media including all types of CDs, DVDs and credit cards.


Key Features

Target Media

Supports shredder of paper and CD/DVD


High Security

Completely shred paper and CD/DVD into small particles to ensure absolute destruction of data


Hardened Cutting System

The cutter is made of special steel which ensures a longer durability


Automatic Cutter Cleaning

Press Reverse button for 5 seconds and then the cutters will reverse for one minute to clear our all particles amonst them


Over-time Protection

If shredding goes continuosly over 10 minutes, the cutter stops rotating automatically


Bin-full Sensor

When the container bin is full, the motor will stop automatically


Door-Open Protection

When the cabinet door is opened during operation, the motor will stop automatically



Product Specifications


Item Specification
Product Name CD & Paper Shredder
Shred Size 1 x 5 mm for Paper
1.6 x 4 mm for CD
Entry Port (CD) 125 mm
Entry Port (Paper) 240 mm
Shred Capacity 1 CD / 8 paper per time
Shred Throughput 600 CD per hour
4,800 Paper per hour
Shred Speed 2.1 m/min
Bin Capacity 72L for CD
125L for Paper
Power Consumption 2,600W
Power Source 220V / 50Hz
Weight 108 KG
Dimension (W x D x H) 630 x 550 x 1070 mm

CD & Paper Shredder



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