As a powerful data wiping equipment, iDE-800 Data Wiping Workstation enables to make concurrent data wiping with 12 channels and is compatible with multiple storage media. Investigators could also customize wiping mode as needed.



  • Multiple Channels

     Twelve data wiping channels.


  • Interface Support

     1 x SCSI
     2 x USB 3.0
     2 x USB 2.0
     3 x IDE/SATA
     4 x SATA/SAS.

  • Three Modes

     Upon dierent requirement, users can choose a wiping mode among Quick Wipe, DoD Wipe and       

     Custom mode.

  • Max Speed

     Maximum wiping speed: 27 GB/min.

  • Task Reporting

      Detailed information about wiping sessions is provided, and reports can be printed.

  • User-Friendly Interface

     Easy and intuitive user interface makes it simple to operate for all skill levels.

  • Automatic Device Detection

     Automatically detect connected storage media and monitor status of these devices in real time.

Data Wiping Workstation



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