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Key Features

  • Feature 1: Enables parallel simultaneous wiping of data with a single operation on machines containing a mix of HDDs and SSDs

Automatically detects HDDs and SSDs inside PCs, which may not be obvious from the outside, and chooses the optimum method to erase data.


  • Feature 2: Enables wiping of data in both BIOS and UEFI environments

Overwrites data on HDDs and SSDs that use either BIOS or UEFI.


  • Feature 3: Automatic freeze lock removal on PCs during secure erasure operations

Learns and remembers the unlocking procedure to enable the optimal secure erasing procedure on similar PCs next time. Significantly improves operational efficiency.


  • Feature 4: Post-erasure checking function

The post-erasure checking function enables you to confirm on the screen that the wiping of the PC's data is complete. (*1)


  • Feature 5: Performs simple S.M.A.R.T. diagnostic scan

Checks HDDs to identify any potential problems before and after erasing data.


  • Feature 6: Generates a trustworthy erasure certificate

Automatically generates a detailed erasure certificate to facilitate reliable management of erasure results.*1: Simply booting up the PC after erasure enables you to view the results (time of starting and ending wiping session, erasure method, specs of the erased HDD, PC's model number, information regarding chips, current dump display of sanitized HDD)


DataSweeper 3

  • A standalone model with a strong track record and reputation for reliability. This lightweight, palm-sized unit automatically detects HDD or SSD drives and performs parallel simultaneous wiping of data. It fully supports 20 erasure standards, including eight global standards and Secure Erase. The compact, user-friendly design and simple three-step operation provide an easy and reliable way to erase data.

  • Product specs

    Model DSH-2000S
    Interface USB2.0/1.1 (also works with USB3.0 that supports USB2.0/1.1)
    Power source USB bus power
    External dimensions 3.2 (W) × 0.4 (H) × 3.7 (D) inches
    Weight Approximately 100g
    Operating environment Temperature range of 5°–35°C (41°–95°F), humidity 20–80% (no condensation)

    System requirements

    Client USB-equipped PC/AT-compatible x86, x86_64 architecture
    OS Not OS dependent
    Memory 512MB or more
    HDD free space No need for free space
    Display VGA (640×480) or higher; recommend SVGA or higher

    * Not compatible with PC-9800 series (except PC-98NX, MATE, Versa, Lavie, VALUESTAR), Apple Mac, RAID configurations.



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