Fingerprint Replicator

A High-Precision Fingerprint Replication & Unlocking System


The system is specially developed to produce "fake" fingerprints for unlocking fingerprint-locked phones, computers, USB drives, and other devices.



Fingerprint Replicator supports rapid fingerprint collection, image processing, and integrated fiber-laser recording, and simulates a high-precision fingerprint model to unlock fingerprint-locked electronic devices.


  • Supports unlocking of mobile phones, computers, encrypted USB drives, safe, and etc
    • Apple iOS Phones (including iOS 13) 
    • Android Phones (including Android 10.0), Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Mi, GIONEE, and others.
    • Digital Safe with Fingerprint Lock
    • Security Door with Fingerprint Lock
    • USB Drives with Fingerprint Lock
    • Computers and Laptops
    • And others
  • Rapid production.  A finger mould can be completed and put into use within 3 minutes without the need for secondary manual processing
  • Supports fingerprints obtained from photography or other physical lifting methods.
  • Supports fingerprints obtained from fingerprint databases
  • Equipped with high-precision bionic materials.  Appliable to photoelectric sensing and suitable for lock devices using capacitive screens.
  • Supports screen capture, scaling, repairing, enhancement, and printing of fingerprint pictures
  • Supports laser printing to produce fingerprint films for fingerprints obtained from databases and other sources.



Fingerprint Replicator




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