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Key Features

  • At the touch of a button, the SEM Model 0101 Hard Drive Crusher delivers 12,000 pounds (or 490K PSI) of force to a conical punch causing catastrophic trauma to the hard drive chassis while destroying the internal platter. The unit is quiet, smooth and virtually vibration free. Destruction takes only 8 seconds (Note: the Model 0101 Hard Drive Crusher can destroy up to 4 standard laptop drives or 6 ultra-thin laptop drives in one 8 second cycle).
  • A safety interlock prevents operation of the hard drive crusher while door is open and an emergency e-stop immediately halts operation when pressed.
  • The SEM Model 0101 Hard Drive Crusher is the only unit with a chamber large enough to fit hard drives mounted with rails or handles from hot-swap trays. 

Hard Drive Crusher

  • The SEM Model 0101 Hard Drive Crusher has been “evaluated by the NSA/CSS and meets NSA and DoD compliance guidelines for the physical damage of media” with a durability rating of 204 drives/hour. This hard drive crusher destroys all hard drives regardless of size, format or type up to 1.85″ high including desktop, laptop and server drives. The Model 0101 hard drive crusher is an ideal way to meet the destroy mandate as part of the DoD’s Degauss and Destroy specification.

  • Speed 8 seconds per cycle
    NSA Durability Rating 204 drives per hour
    HDD Capacity per Cycle - PC/Server 1 HDD up to 1.85" thick
    HDD Capacity per Cycle - Notebook 4 standard notebook HDDs or 6 ultra thin HDDs
    Media Dimensions Up to 5.625" W x 1.85"H x 9" D
    Electrical 115v - 60 Hz USA plug included International voltage available
    Power Consumption/ HP 7 Amps @120V / 1/3 HP - single phase
    Dimensions - HxWxD 22" x 10" x 19"
    Weight 115 lbs
    Warranty 1-year non-wear parts / 90 days labour




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