Logic Cube PC-Based Logic Analyzers (32 Channels)


Zeroplus Logic Analyzers LAP-C Series Models:

* Lap-C (322000)

* Lap-C (32128)

* Lap-C (16128)

* Lap-C (16064)

* Lap-C (16032)

* Lap-C (16200)

Logic Cube is a sophisticated measurement and analysis tool. It is also a highly sensitive electrical current sensing device.


Protocol Analyzer Module : ZEROPLUS features include the decoding of 100 different bus protocols from multi-media, automotive, IC interface, Memory to PC system and protocols including I2C, UART, SPI, 1-WIRE, CAN, etc.

Oscilloscope Connectivity : Logic Cube has been designed to work with an oscilloscope to enable both analog and digital signals to be captured.


Programmable Trigger : User defined trigger condition and setting mode in bothserial signal, parallel signal and trigger delay functions.


PC-Based Interface : The ZEROPLUS logic has a Start button to commencesampling, and connects to a PC via fast USB v2.0 (v1.1 compatible) interface.Windows 2000 / xp / vista / win 7 compatible.

Extending Channel Capture : Logic analyzers may be linked to increase both
capture memory and the number of channels. (only 322000 & 32128)

Data Compression : The ZEROPLUS incorporates a sophisticated compression
algorithm which enables more data to be captured without loss of any information.

Filtration : Captured data may be filtered to economise on capture memory. This
allows the user to store only the data they need.


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Logic Cube Logic Analyzer



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