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Key Features

  • Convert Mac MBOX to EML, EMLX, PDF & HTML format
  • Facility to convert multiple Mac MBOX files to 
  • Retains original integrated structure after Mac MBOX conversion
  • Offers to merge multiple Mac MBOX into single  during MBOX migration
  • Convert Mac MBOX to PDF & HTML with attachments intact
  • Also supports conversion of MBOX to PDF for Windows platform
  • Export Mac MBOX files at once with Folder mode option
  • Maintain Inline Images & HTML formatting in Email Body
  • Convert Mac MBOX files of multiple email clients, including Apple Mail
  • Option of selective mail conversion from MBOX into preferred format
  • Availability of File Naming Convention & Mail Date Filter options
  • Mac MBOX Converter supports latest Mac OS & below versions
  • Assistance of other applications is not required for MBOX conversion


Convert Multiple Mac MBOX at Once

The tool has the facility to migrate multiple MBOX files into different file formats in batch mode and save them at user’s specified location. You can choose to scan individual files one at a time or add all the Mac MBOX files at once in the software interface.

For this, the following two options are incorporated into software.

  • Add File(s): Use to load a single MBOX/MBX/MBS file at a time.
  • Add Folder(s): Use to upload a folder that comprises multiple Mac MBOX files in one go.


Complete MBOX File Emails & Attachments Conversion

Equipped with advanced algorithm, the software ensures that there is no loss of data during conversion. All the emails and associated attachments are thoroughly exported to required format without exception. With an extensive range of MBOX support which includes 20+ email applications, Mac MBOX Converter is dedicated towards providing best throughput in every scenario.

Note: Email clients like Eudora & PocoMail store attached files and emails separately. In such cases, to convert emails with attachments, user must keep both "Attach" folder and MBX files at same location.


Convert Mac MBOX to EML

Mac MBOX Converter has an option to perform the conversion of unlimited Mac MBOX to EML file type. Besides this, you can smoothly export emails of multiple MBOX files into individual EML files without any fail. It also supports selective email migration of only desired messages into EML format.


Option to Export Mac MBOX to EMLX

The tool has a facility to scan multiple Mac MBOX files and import them in EMLX file format. After scanning, all the messages gets converted from Mac MBOX to EMLX i.e., Apple Mail supported file format. You can simply import this resultant file in its supported application.


Convert Mac MBOX to PDF

The tool is built to render the successful conversion of emails from Mac MBOX to PDF on a Mac machine. The conversion generates a PDF file for each email extracted from the source MBOX file. Mac MBOX Converter provides advanced settings that can be implemented on each of these output files during conversion:

  • Page Layout: It is very easy to include Margin (Top, Bottom, Left, Right) & Orientation under the Page Layout section.
  • Bates Number: It allows users to add page numbers and date stamps at any preferred position on each PDF file page.


Convert Mac MBOX to PST

The Software provides the option to convert multiple Mac MBOX files into  compatible file format i.e., . It automatically scans and loads the MBOX files and export all emails along with attachments to  type without the assistance of installation. While saving MBOX in  format, the tool offers some great features for making conversion more facile.

  • Create Single : This option let user merge emails of multiple MBOX files into a single consolidated  file.
  • Split  Option: This feature breaks the  file into multiple small files to overcome corruption that occurs due to large size.


Import Emails to HTML Type

Mac MBOX converter software scans the emails of MBOX files and converts them into browser compatible Hypertext Markup Language (or HTML) format. For this, you only need to checkmark the HTML option under the Select Export Type during conversion task.


MBOX to MSG Conversion

Much like exporting Mac MBOX to EML, the tool also converts scanned emails from Mac MBOX files into   file format without any trouble. All the meta properties of the emails remain same after the conversion and you will receive message same as original.

Mac MBOX Converter

  • Convert Mac MBOX To EML, EMLX, PST, MSG, HTML & PDF File

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