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Product Highlights

  • Physical extraction for the mainboard with JTAG
  • Applicable to the damaged mobile devices
  • Write protection and evidence integrity
    Data image file save with MD-NEXT
  • Faster than general JTAG debugger

Key Features

Data extractor from the board with JTAG

  • Forensic hardware for reading data directly from the mainboard of mobile devices using JTAG interface


Advanced extraction features

  • Supports auto-scanning of partitions
  • Supports the selected partition extraction
  • Supports extraction without reference voltage
  • Supports DMA(Direct Memory Access) type extraction
  • Supports resumption of the extraction halted

Assurance of evidence data integrity

  • Supports write-protection of the evidence data
  • Supports 10 more hash functions like MD5/SHA256


Image file save with MD-NEXT

  • Reading of the extracted data and saving the image file with MD-NEXT software.


Mobile CPU support

  • MSM6XXX, MSM7XXX, APQ, Exynos, OMAP, Cortex - A, Xscale series CPU family


Excellent extraction performance

  • Max. 1MB/sec extraction performance


JTAG cables support

  • Supports FPCB connector cable sets, MD-Cable Suite
  • Supports manual connection to the mainboard


  • MD-BOX is the forensic hardware for extracting data directly from the mainboard using JTAG interface. When the mobile device has damage on the external parts but the mainboard still works, the examiner can connect the mainboard to MD-BOX through JTAG interface. Then, the data can be extracted at the menu of JTAG Extraction in MD-NEXT program.


  • Hardware Specification

    • CPU: ARM9
    • RAM: 64Mbytes
    • Input Voltage: DC 5V/2A
    • JTAG Clock: 1KHz ~ 50 MHz
    • Connector Type: 20 Pin Connector
    • Target Voltage: 1.8V ~ 5.0V
    • Size: 75 x 120 x 18mm


    Product packages

    • MD-Box Hardware
    • Probe connector 1 EA
    • Power adapter 1 EA
    • USB cable 1 EA
    • Monthly update license for new models
    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Carrier Box (Option)
    • Cable Suite (Option)