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Key Features:
Simplified equipment components

  • Simplified equipment enables rapid response on site and data acquisition on the move using internal batteries


Possibility of faster forensic work

  • Fast acquisition of necessary data selectively using MD-LIVE and draw up a report


Multimedia Preview

  • Possibility of selective acquisition of image, video, or documents during acquisition by checking in advance


Integrity protection of evidence data

  • Supports write protect function for integrity protection of the data
  • Supports more than 10 hash algorithm such as MD5, SHA1
  • Automatic indication of hash value by extracted data images on the report


Automatic model recognition

  • Automatic recognition of smartphone and easy-to-acquire evidence without cumbersome process of model selection


Possibility of filming using camera

  • Possibility of evidence image and video shooting


  • MD-Portable is an simplified product, which supports automatic smartphone detection.
    The data can be extracted faster and selectively during process using MD-LIVE

  • Product Packages

    • MD-Portable bag
    • MD-LIVE Pre-installed
    • USB Dongle Key
    • Tablet
    • 5 Smartphone cables 
    • (5, 8, 30pin, Hoppin, C-type)
    • HD External Camera

    Tablet Specification

    OS: Windows 10 64bit

    CPU : i5 or i7

    RAM : 8GB

    Display : 12 inches

    USB:3.0 port 1 or more

    SSD 256G