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Key Features

Supports various data extraction methods

  • Serves on-site analytical laboratory with full logical, physical and file system extraction capabilities of the password and evidence data


Supports temporary command center

  • Workable as a mobile forensic control tower at the very spot where the accident took place


Integrity protection of evidence data

  • Supports write protect function for integrity protection of the data
  • Supports more than 10 hash algorithm such as MD5, SHA1
  • Automatic indication of hash value by extracted data images on the report


Possibility of filming using camera

  • Possibility of evidence image and video shooting


Faster extraction performance

  • Supports extraction performance of max 1GB/Min


  • MD-RUGGED serves as an analytical laboratory to make it possible for the investigators to probe into the case on-site. Data can be extracted physically and logically.

  • Laptop Specification

    • OS : Windows 7/8/10 64bit
    • CPU : i7
    • RAM : 8GB
    • SSD :256G
    • Screen size: 15 inches
    • S/W : MD-NEXT, MD-RED


    Package Content


    • MD-Rugged Carrier
    • MD-NEXT,MD-RED pre-installed
    • USB Dongle Key
    • Laptop
    • 5 Smartphone cables 
    • (5, 8, 30pin, Hoppin, C-type)
    • HD External Camera
    • Portable Printer
    • External HDD
    • (for We chat analysis)
    • SD Reader, USIM Reader(option)
    • Auxiliary Display(option)
    • USB HUB(option)


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