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NSA SSD High Security Shredder

NSA SSD High Security Shredder


NSA SSD High Security Shredder is an NSA Approved Solid State Drive shredder capable of destroying
solid state drives, smartphones, memory sticks, iPads, USB memory devices, pen drives, tablets, circuit boards, credit cards, CDs/DVDs/Blu-Rays. Equipped with an exclusive two stage of destruction system (HS Model) can reduce shredded material into sand-like texture particles.


NSA SSD High Security Shredder IS A SOLID STATE DRIVE SHREDDER equipped with an exclusive two stage of destruction system (HS Model) capable of destroying Solid State Drives, Solid State SIM Cards,
CAC ID, EMV Credit Cards, Magnetic Strip Card, Flash Drives, Circuit Boards, Enterprise Solid State Drives, Cell Phones, Tablets, USB Pen Drives, CDs/DVDs, Blu Ray Discs, USB Memory Devices, Credit Cards and ID Cards with embedded electronic chip and/or magnetic media, flash memory IC chips, CPU chips with internal ROM and/or flash memory.
NSA SSD High Security Shredder has been approved by NSA and meets the requirements of NSA/CSS Specifications for Solid State Sevices destruction. Shredded material is reduced to sand-like texture
particles (HS Model). Kobra SSD is equipped with an integrated internal state-of-the-art HEPA air filtration system to ensure a clean, safe and comfortable operating environment.
Easy access 240 x 25 mm feed port is designed with a safety brush covering the complete opening for safety and ease of feed operation. Lockable feed hopper cover prevents unauthorized access to the contents of the hopper once material is fed into the machine.


NSA SSD High Security Shredder

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