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Key Features


PC-3000 Express Ultimate System is the fastest, most powerful and efficient product to deal with damaged HDDs, SSDs and RAID. Using this system you will be able to operate with 4 SATA/PATA HDDs simultaneously at the maximum possible speed up to 150 MB/s. Besides, PC-3000 Express Ultimate System represents the leading-edge unique solution to recover SSD in Techno mode - the only possible way to restore logical access to data on SSDs. There is no other tool which has so
many active utilities for different vendors of damaged SSDs.

PC-3000 SAS 6 Gbit/s RAID System is the most sophisticated and the fastest hardware-software tool to recover
data from damaged HDDs with SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) and SCSI-based interfaces and RAID. It has
4 ports to operate with 4 drives at the same time at the maximum possible speed of working with drives,
restricted only by the internal speed of the drive.


PC-3000 Flash All-in-One Package contains everything that you may need to extract digital
evidence from Flash devices with firmware corruption, controller and internal microcode issues: USB
Flash drives, SD, microSD, Memory Stick (MS), xD, MMC, CF, Voice Reсorder, etc.
This tool is well-known as the most efficient, comprehensive and user-friendly solution with advanced
modes to recover evidence from NAND. It is the most required product among data recovery engineers
and digital forensics experts as it offers the widest range of features and newest algorithms that recover
data with the maximum success rate.
All the necessary adapters to solve the maximum number of cases are already included in the kit:
revolutionary Spider Board Adapter, TSOP-48 adapter, TSOP-48 W (wide) adapter, LGA/TLGA-52/60
(14x18) adapter, LGA/TLGA-52/60 (12x17) adapter, BGA-152/132 adapter, TSSOP-56 adapter,
VBGA-100 adapter and Card Adapter.

The Spider Board Adapter — a universal all-in-one solution for safe digital evidence recovery from monoliths. It is designed for connection to internal contacts of NAND-based Flash drives manufactured as single package chips (monoliths). The adapter consists of 25 universal contacts that support software configuration of their association with NAND interface signals in a corresponding task. Using it you will forget about tedious soldering and searching for specific adapters to each monolith they deal with.

PC-3000 Bundle for Digital Forensics

  • Complete PC-3000 Bundle for Digital Forensics consists of:
    ▶ PC-3000 Express Ultimate System
    ▶ PC-3000 SAS 6 Gbit/s RAID System
    ▶ PC-3000 Flash All-in-One Package

  • Please contact us for more information.