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The PC-3000 UDMA is a hardware-software solution intended for diagnosing and repairing damaged SATA/IDE HDDs. Together with other ACE Lab’s software products, it represents the systems with optimal combination of high efficiency and reasonable price to recover data from SATA/IDE HDDs, RAID and SSD:
►►PC-3000 UDMA System (PC-3000 UDMA + Data Extractor UDMA)
►►PC-3000 UDMA RAID System (PC-3000 UDMA + Data Extractor UDMA RAID Edition)
►►PC-3000 UDMA SSD System (PC-3000 UDMA + Data Extractor UDMA + PC-3000 SSD)
►►PC-3000 UDMA Ultimate System (PC-3000 UDMA + Data Extractor UDMA RAID Edition + PC-3000 SSD)


►►The data transfer speed and the SATA ports stability is increased with the new 88SA8052-64 QFN Serial ATA 3.0 Gb/Sec bridge
►►The stability of power supply and electromagnetic compatibility is improved with jam-resistant package of coils with the 1.2V
and 3.3V power supply regulator on Xilinx chipset. The connection of balanced capacitors is changed. The printed board
of the adapter is improved for large currents with the enhanced circuitry of the power control adapter
►►The safety and stability of HDD power supply is boosted with a highly reliable power supply connector – SATA POWER



The new PC-3000 UDMA is a three-port tester-board which is inserted into a PCI-Express expansion slot and has 2 SATA ports (data transfer speed up to 133 MB/s) and 1 PATA (speed up to 100 MB/s) port. The primary port is SATA0 while SATA1 is a secondary port which is switchable with the PATA port. The PC-3000 UDMA provides two simultaneous connections for two drives – the first port is used for SATA and the second one can be used either for SATA or for PATA (it depends on your needs). Thus, you can work either with 2 SATA drives or 1 SATA and 1 PATA at the same time.When developing the new PCI-Express-based PC-3000 UDMA system, we used the main features from the previous generation of PCI-based PC-3000 UDMA, which proved to be the best, most reliable, and most optimally performing data recovery system possible, while at the same time maintaining a reasonable price.Processing modes:SATA x2 — UDMA133, UDMA100, UDMA66, UDMA33, PIO4, PIO3, PIO2, PIO1, PIO0PATA x1 - UDMA100, UDMA66, UDMA33, PIO4, PIO3, PIO2, PIO1, PIO0Two ports are separable, but when they are both in use they are dependent. There is a slight reduction in performance on the second channel when the first one is fully loaded (no more than 20% reduction) as the PC-3000 UDMA is based on a single-channel PCI-Express bus. At the same time, this technical solution allows a reduction of the total cost of the board and makes it more attractive for small and mid-sized data recovery companies.

Power supply adapter
A double-channel power supply adapter is located on the board controller and provides independent +5 V, +12 V voltage supply and protection from overvoltage and current overloading. In case of any contingency the HDD power supply is switched off automatically.In addition, every channel has a feedback circuit with special management software that controls the supplying voltage values and informs the user about any issue with the feed circuit.Resource Management of the

PC-3000 UDMA board
One of the most important new features of the PC-3000 UDMA allows for launching of the PC-3000 utility and Data Extractor tasks as separate OS processes. The "PC-3000 Resource manager" software makes using the new PC-3000 UDMA very easy and effective. The "PC-3000 Resource manager" manages port and related process activity, controls the status of the ports, checks process conditions and kills processes when it is necessary.Once a process is started it can use more than one port. For instance, two processes can be used for every port or two ports can be used by one process.


Technical Specifications

Form factor: Embedded board of PC expansion which uses one slot.

Interface type: One-channel PCI Express 2.5 GB/s

Diagnostic ports (location): 2-SATA (external), 1-PATA (internal)

Processing modes:

  • SATA - UDMA133/100/66/33, PIO4/3/2/1/0
  • PATA - UDMA100/66/33, PIO4/3/2/1/0

Power adapter: Two-channel power adapter with protection from overvoltage and current overloading. HDD Connectors are external.

Supported HDD: 500 MB - 6 TB: 3.5", 2.5",1.8",1.0"

OS Platforms: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10; х86, x32, х64

Recommended PC configuration: 
CPU: Intel Core i5 (Quad Core) 
Storage configuration: 1 TB HDD
LCD Monitor: 22", 1920x1080

PC-3000 UDMA



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