SECURCUBE® Phone Log is a fast and reliable CDRs analyzer. 


Key Features

Securcube® Phone Log has an intuitive graphical interaction that allows powerful researches and reliable results also for non-technical users.



Step 1 Obtain CDRs from the carriers

  • STEP 1

    Once the CDRs relative to all suspects have been requested, including the cell lists of the areas of interest, and all the relevant digital evidence has been collected such as mobile extractions, wiretaps, GPS information, we import it to PhoneLog with a simple drag and drop.

Step 2 Make analysis


The next important step is pinpointing the places of interest in order to visualize them in each analytic feature. This will help us in focusing on the relevant location of our CDR events.

In the image, we have started adding our pings of interest in "Case Map": the harbors used to import drugs, the known gambling places, and the homicide crime scene.

Tag the imported data with different colors, managing and organizing your evidence and separating the data for each different crime.  This can support further investigation activity to verify any users who appear in more than one crime.

Keep on adding data, according to the results obtained from your analysis activity. Organize them by using workspace and tags, this will help to develop a smart analysis of the evidence.


  • Display users movements on the maps
  • Evaluate phone activities among users
  • Understand users’ behaviours
  • Find users with similar movement patterns

Step 3 Generate reports

  • Securcube® Phone Log exports results in CSV,, Excel, PDF, graphic format and also ZIP archives certified by HASH code in a forensically sound manner. 

Secure Phone Log



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