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The TALINO KA-Server is the first forensic server that offers incredibly large volume sizes, completely customizable chassis, ample power to run multiple interfaces and expertly designed by forensic examiners for forensic examiners. The TALINO KA-Server starts with a 600TB 4U chassis with enough throughput to power any of your forensic investigations, processing, or simply file storage. It’s the only forensic server that offers the end user a whopping 600TB as a starting point in an incredibly powerful forensic server tower. The server is outfitted with a fifty-two (52) port network switch with 1Gb/s and 10GbE for maximum efficiency when transferring data across the network or between components. With the ability to mix and match the components and create a customized solution to meet your agencies needs, there nothing that the TALINO KA-Server cannot handle. There is ample storage for server backups and case / file backups. Gone are the days where servers depend on a magnetic tape backup system that’s not only slow, but cumbersome.  Tapes are expensive and are not reliable when it comes to restoring the backups or the backed up files. Don’t risk your important data to 1950’s technology.

We believe the TALINO KA-Server should be as flexible as possible when customizing the system to meet your agencies needs. That’s why we allow you to add processing nodes, backup arrays (or backplanes), GPU clusters for password cracking, and pretty much every other combination that can fit into this 42U powerhouse. We have solutions to meet all of your forensic computing needs, which is critical in today’s forensic community. We start the main server chassis out with two incredibly fast Intel Xeon processors running at 2.6GHz with 14 cores and 35MB of cache. The processors are then backed up with a minimum of 256GB of LRDIMM RAM sticks to ensure that the throughput exists in the system for maximum processing and transfer speeds.   The backbone of the TALINO KA-Server is riding on three (3) SSDs running in RAID 5 on a dedicated RAID controller for super fast I/O’s. We install ten (10) 10TB 3.5″ platter based disks and RAID them together in RAID 6 to create a dual redundant RAID array.  We use Acronis Server edition to maximize the efficiency of the backups whether it be case or operating system backups. This software allows the user to create periodic and scheduled backups to eliminate any loss of data. The three (3) year license gives the user a hassle free solution that lasts as long as your standard warranty for the system. With the addition of a massive 10,000 VA battery backup, you can be sure that your data will be protected even in times of emergency.




  • The TALINO KA-Server is our flagship solution to processing and storage that rivals ALL other solutions in the Computer Forensics market.   This system was specifically designed by computer forensic examiners to give each lab the capability to store and process data through this server with speeds unmatched by any other solution.  Further, the TALINO KA-Server holds more storage than any other solution on the market including the big name vendors in the world of IT based storage / server solutions.   The KA-Server comes standard with 1.2 Petabytes of Storage, which can be configured to run cases for processing or simply as storage for existing cases and data.   The main server is controller by a Dual Intel Xeon CPU System featuring two (2) Intel E5-2690 v4 Broadwell 2.6 GHz 35MB 14-Core Server Processors. The system has a three (3) 1TB SSDs in RAID 5 for the Operating System and ten (10) 10TB 3.5″ Hard Disk Drives in RAID 6 for Case Backups, along with Industry Standard backup software to protect not only the server, but the cases and data you have stored on the backplanes.


    The TALINO KA-Server can be configured to meet all of your processing, storage, and workflow needs as we understand what it takes to process and store cases.  We keep the management of the KA-Server simple, while the technology and processing speeds are state of the art.   It's simply the best solution on the market for forensic examiners, eDiscovery shops, and other customers who wish to store and protect data and process cases with speed and efficiency, all the while leveraging 1.2 Petabytes of storage.



    • Two (2) Intel Xeon E5-2690 v4 Broadwell 2.6GHz 35MB 14-Core Server Processors
    • 256GB of High End 2133 MHz Ultra Fast DDR4 ECC RAM
    • Three (3) 1TB SSDs in RAID 5 for the Operating System
    • Ten (10) 10TB 3.5″ Hard Disk Drives in RAID 6 for Backups
    • One (1) GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5x for Graphics Processing Unit
    • Two (2) High End RAID Controller Cards with 12 Gb/s Processing
    • One (1) 10GbE Dedicated PCIe NIC Controller with Two Ports
    • One (1) 2.5” Hot Swap Bay with Four (4) Removable Trays
    • Two (2) 3.5” Hot Swap Tray totaling Ten (10) Removable Bays – Filled with 10TB Disks
    • Active Cooling for the CPUs
    • One (1) USB 3.0 Hub with seven (7) ports
    • One (1) 1400 Watt Redundant Power Supply Unit
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
    • Acronis Server Edition for Backups (Cases and System) – 3 Year License
    • Three (3) Year Standard Warranty

    600TB Chassis Details

    A scalable and cost-effective storage platform for the TALINO KA-Server. With up to 60 drive modules in a single platform, a 12Gb/s SAS interface, and HDD-SSD hybrid capability, this 4U platform is ideal for high-capacity storage needs.

    • Host Connections: 4 x 12GBps SAS

    Capacity / Physical Size

    • Capacity (minimum): 96TB with 4TB drive modules
    • Capacity (maximum): 600TB with 10TB drive modules
    • Dimensions (Enclosure): 174.8mm x 424mm x 881mm / 6.88in. x 16.69in. x 34.7in.
    • Dimensions (Enclosure with CMAs): 8mm x 424mm x 983mm / 6.88in. x 16.69in. x 38.7in.
    • Weight: 81 kg (198 lbs.) – fully configured with 60 helium drive modules; 93.71 kg (208 lbs) – fully configured with 60 air drive modules

    Power and Cooling: Operating

    • Power Supply:Two 1,650W PSUs, hot swap and redundant
    • Input Voltage: 200-240VAC auto-ranging, 47Hz-63Hz input (high line power only)
    • Cooling Fans: N+1 redundant fans (fans integrated in PSU)

    Environmental (operating)

    • Temperature Range: 5° to 35°C
    • Humidity: 8% to 80% (non-condensing)
    • Shock: 5g 6ms Pulse vertical shock
    • Vibration: Random 0.25 Grms, 5-10Hz, 0.05 g sine wave sweep, 10-300Hz
    • Acoustics: <7.5dB LwA @ 23ºC

    Environmental (non-operating)

    • Temperature Range: -30° to 60°C
    • Humidity: 8% to 80% (non-condensing)
    • Shock: 8g 6ms Trapezoidal
    • Vibration: Random 0.6 Grms 10-300Hz


    Please contact us for additional configurations with the TALINO KA-Server.



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