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Key Features
1. Audit Trail

- Everything an operator does is logged. This makes it possible to reproduce results and your result is forensically sound.


2. Multiple inputs

- "Viewpoint" provide multiple tools for all different kinds of input. It includes a desktop grabber utility which will record uncompressed from non-proprietary players and a file from disk load option which tries multiple techniques for opening.


3. Visual Guidance

- When an image or video is imported in the program, the end-user immediately sees the results for all the filter available. This way he can visually determine which results the operator likes the most. Once determined, simpley click the filter and take a snapshot and the result will be saved to the case directory.


4. Modern and user-friendly interface

- Our interface is intuitive and easy to learn. With the visual guided interface clarifying an image was never more easy.



VIEWPOINT - Visually Guided Forensic Image and Video Enhancement

  • The most common forensic clarification methods, quick and easy with a visual guided interface. Due to the increase of security camera, smartphones and other devices with cameras in them there is an increase in the amount of video present when a crime has occurred. Often this video is not of the best quality but sending this video to the spe-cialized enhancement units takes to much time.

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