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Aurora Password Decryption Server

Aurora (iATT-1200) is an integrated password recovery solution with a combination  of software and hardware. It enables users to unprotect disks and systems, decrypt files and documents that areprotected with popular encryption software. 
Based on in-house tests as well as feedback from Meiya Pico customers, Aurora is one of the most powerful solution in the market, easy to use and with the fastest numeration speed and the most extensibility.

Key Features

  • Powerful Capability
  • Equipped with 4 pieces of NVIDA high performance video cards; more than 18 Tflops  of single precision computation
  • Broad support for more than 50 encryption types and 200 algorithms 
  • GPU acceleration is available for all supported encryption types, 50 times faster than other software in terms ofdecryption speed of PGP & Sda.
  •  View contents of encrypted Doc/Xls documents needless of passwords.
  • B/S Architecture
    -Limitless expansibility over the entire country or province
    -Remote task management by IE browser
    -Open interfaces (Web Service Technology) available for other systems
  • Password Dictionary
    Advanced decryption rules: exhaustive enumeration of fixed strings or several mixed strings to speed up the task. Intelligent resource management.
  • Flexible Strategy
    Investigators can set several advanced decryption strategies, load  multiple tasks and customize role management. 
  • Easy to use
    Base on server forms and IE access. Easy to install and use.
  • Fastest decryption on:
    PGP,MS Office,HASH, WinRar, Windows Password, WiFi, PDF, TrueCrypt, MySQL, Cellphone backup
  • Hardware
    Unique ventilated chassis is very good for heat exhausting of GPU cards. 4 GPU card enhance the computing capability and achieve recovery efficiency extremely faster compared to traditional password recovery methods.
    CPU: E3-1230 Mem:
    16GB Hard Drive: 1TB

Aurora Password Decryption Server

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