Finding Evidence For You

Need help preserving the data and evidence? Or are you in need of tools for investigation and eDiscovery?  Let us support your needs and bring the crucial and relevant information faster to you.

We are a licensed private investigation agency.  Let us take over,  we stay close to the scope and nature of each case, and employ smart and integrated tools to bring crucial and relevant information faster to you.

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Each case of malicious deletion, employee misbehavior, or data breach is different.   We have the right expertise and tools to help you recover the data and to find you the evidence you need.  We collect, extract, and examine digital media in a forensically sound manner to maintain the integrity of the evidence.  We deploy various investigative tools and techniques to recover, examine, and analyze artifacts related to the case.   Let us take over, we will find the evidence you need.



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Licensed Private Investigation Agency: L/PS/000641/2019

Licensed Security Service Provider: L/PS/000240/2020P

Licensed NEA e-Waste Disposal Facility: WDL-19-05-0044

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