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COREPRO - Image Comparison (Reverse Projection)

COmputer REverse PROjection

A software tool for image comparison using reverse projection, a form of photogrammetry.


Reverse projection is a quick and very simple way to obtain information about the size of a questioned object or person. By using the same camera as the incident and recreating the scene you can mix the live camera feed with the earlier recording of the object or person. This method will recreate and hence eliminate all camera distortions. You can now place a “target” in the live feed in the same position as the object/person and estimate the size, shape and visible features of the object/person.

COREPRO helps you to quickly recreate the scene and align the camera in exactly the same position as it was during the recording of the object/person. It contains multiple ways of mixing your reference footage with the live footage for the most accurate estimation. The only thing left to do is to record the result.

These procedures have been successfully used to include or eliminate objects such as weapons, clothing and vehicles, together with the height, size and shape of persons or even facial features  - provided the source imagery was suitable.

COREPRO has a width range of input capabilities like IP, Analogue, DVI, VGA, HDMI and DV devices.


Key Features
1. Extensive Audit Trail

-Everything an operator does is logged. This makes it possible to reproduce results and your result is forensically sound


2. Easy to use

-COREPRO is intuitive and easy to use, almost every- one can do this.


3. Many inputs

-Many (live) inputs are possible. Including formats like 4K video and IP streams.


4. Replaces heavy hard-ware solutions

-Our system is lightweight and cheaper than the hard- ware solutions for this appli- cation.


5. Accurate 

-Depending on the camera this can be a very accurate way of estimating sizes. It is often more accurate then more complex techniques like 3D-laserscanning.


6. Easy technique to explain 

-Using the images COREPRO can generate, this method is very easy to explain because it is visu- alized and people can easily im- agine the workflow.



COREPRO - Image Comparison (Reverse Projection)

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