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Elcomsoft Advanced iOS Forensics Training

Reasons to attend the Advanced iOS Forensics course

  • In this 3-day course on iOS forensics, students are led through the fundamentals of mobile forensics including an overview of common mobile platforms and operating systems. They will learn about the most effective workflow including evidence preservation, logical, physical and cloud based acquisition. Students will learn how to cope with encryption and password protection and develop skills necessary to successfully obtain evidence from locked devices and password-protected backups. Attendees who successfully pass the class assignments will be given a certificate of completion.


The skills you get

  • The students will develop an in-depth knowledge of password protection and data encryption techniques used in mobile forensics. The attendees will further master modern technologies for mobile forensics, evidence preservation, data extraction and decryption. The students will master the data extraction workflow using logical, physical and cloud acquisition methods; develop jailbreaking skills and learn how to use a jailbreak for data extraction on different generations of iOS devices. The attendees will master cloud extraction, including the extraction of static backups and dynamic (synced) evidence.


Who completed this training

  • Among our certified trainees are police, law enforcement, security officers, computer security professionals, and penetration testers.

Elcomsoft Advanced iOS Forensics Training

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