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  • NVMe/SATA M.2 SSD Data Eraser


High-speed data erase up to 12GB per minute

Support M.2 SATA/NVMe SSD

  • High-speed data erase up to 12GB per minute (190MB/s). It can erase 6 M.2 SSD drives at once. M.2 interface supports M.2 SATA (NGFF)/ NVMe SSD and can erase data immediately. *The erasing speed will be determined by the reading and writing speed of the SSD itself.


Multiple Erase Modes

It offers users to choose the erasure mode to be performed on the solid-state drive and check the M.2 SSD was erasure before. The GE936 is ideal for governments, data centers, financial sectors, and medical centers for data destruction. Erasure modes with multiple options are available for selection to wipe off confidential data of the drive, including 1-Pass Erase (00), 1- Pass Erase (Random number), US DoD 5220.22-M, US DoD 5220.22-M ECE, NSA Erase, Military AR380-19 Erase, BMB21-2019 (Chinese Security Bureau), etc.


User-defined Erase Modes

Other than the existing erasing functions, users can also define their erasing modes, specify the number of rounds (up to 40 rounds), and the value to be written in each round, including 00, FF, random numbers, comparisons, and you can also input the way of hex values.



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