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Foclar Video Forensics Training (IVEO)

*IVEO: Image and Video Enhancement Operator 


This course provides examiners with an introduction to forensic image and video enhancement. Students will learn:

  • Basic image processing knowledge
  • To recognize frequent problems in images and videos and their cor-responding solutions.
  • How to apply these solutions in the Impress image and video en-hancement software tool.

Students achieve the IVEO certificate after passing an examination with-in a month after the completion of this course.


Course objectives
After successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the forensic framework of image and video enhancement
  • Describe the building blocks of digital images and videos
  • Recognize the problem which is most prominent in the footage
  • Determine the solution for the problem present in the footage
  • Open and apply a filter to an image or video in Impress

Course material
During this course student will receive:

  • A workbook
  • Attached to this workbook is an USB with practise images and videos
  • Handout of presentation slides with room for notes
  • A temporary license and dongle for the Impress software (to be returned at the end of the course)

Foclar Video Forensics Training (IVEO)

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