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Key Features

  • Highly integrated computer forensics equipment: No need for additional devices such as write-blocker, duplicator and laptop. Support analysis of Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems.

    Duplicator + PC + Write Blocker = Forensic MagiCube
  • Customizable forensics workflows: Support a complete forensics process including disk duplication, data analysis and system emulation. Investigators could create custom workflows and change the order of steps as needed.
  • User-friendly 'drag & drop' operation: Simply drag and drop and material to begin analysis and quickly obtain the report.


  • Optimized user experience: Portable and easy to operate with a new 11.6'' FHD touchscreen that could be exptended with HDMI port.
  • A variety of interfaces: Many types of storgae devices supported with SATA, SAS, IDE and USB ports
  • Improved specification: The new version comes with improved performance such as disk duplication rate up to 39GB/min and GbE/IOGbE Ethernet.




Forensic MagiCube

  • An All-in-One Forensic Solution for field or lab investigation

    • New version with FHD(1920x1080) touchscreen available now. 
    • Portable and highly-integrated computer forensics equipment. 
    • Improved performance helps facilitate forensics investigation such as disk duplication rate up to 39GB/min. 
    • Moreover, MagiCube offers customizable forensics workflows to set up your own investigation process of disk duplication, analysis and OS emulation.
  • Technical Specifications :
    CPU: i7-6700K 

    mem: DDR4 32G

    Main HDD: 480G SSD

    Storage HDD: 8TB

    OS: 64 bit win 7

    Dimension: 180L*85W*95H cm (monitors excluded)


    Information for logistics:

    Total Weight: 409kg

    1 Wood case1 with main parts Dimension: 1700mm * 1000mm * 400mm    Weight: 180Kg
    2 Wood case2 with main parts Dimension: 2000mm * 965mm * 580mm      Weight: 134Kg
    3 Accessory case1 Dimension: 640mm * 380mm * 285mm      Weight: 10Kg
    4 Accessory case2 Dimension: 660mm * 495mm * 370mm      Weight: 30Kg
    5 Monitor stand Dimension: 815mm * 505mm * 210mm      Weight: 25Kg
    6 Samsung Monitor1 Dimension: 899mm * 339mm * 531mm      Weight: 15Kg
    7 Samsung Monitor2 Dimension: 899mm * 339mm * 531mm      Weight: 15Kg


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