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Logic Cube Logic Analyzer LAP-F Series

Logic Cube PC-Based Logic Analyzers LAP-F Series

The LAP-F1 is a multi-purpose PC-based logic analyzer. It offers uncompromised breadth in one single instrument: high sample rate, large channel count and deep memory.
But the LAP-F1 is not only about GHz and Mb. The extensive protocol library consisting of more than 120 protocol decoders, direct streaming to disk, channel folding, eMMC decoding capability, user-friendly software and a host of other functions make debugging a joy.


Zeroplus Logic Analyzers LAP-F Series Models:

* Lap-F1-40

* Lap-F1-64


Active probe

Good impedance matching, reduced crosstalk and noise and reinforced ground enhance the measurement quality, accuracy and stability of high-speed signals
Support DUT bandwidths of up to 200 MHz
4 types: Standard, Low voltage, Negative logic and eMMC 5.1/SD 3.0 support (40/64 Standard probes and 4 eMMC probes are included in base purchase)



Long-Time Record (Option)

The function is used to stream samples directly to disk. Up to 64 channels can be streamed at an average rate of 300 MB/s using USB 3.0. The long-time record function can be used to acquire signals from 7 hrs and up to a month depending on the sampling setup



eMMC 5.1/SD 3.0 (Option)

Get special eMMC-probes and unlock 32 ch. for 2 GHz sampling to fully trigger and decode all the signals of eMMC 5.1/SD 3.0. As eMMC only has 11 signals the remaining signals can be used for other high-speed acquisitions.




Channel folding (Option)

LAP-F1 offers the ability to concentrate the total memory on a limited number of channels. Example using the 64 ch. model with 4 Mb/ch.: Enable only 32 ch. to use 8 Mb/ch., enable only 16 ch. to use 16 Mb/ch., enable only 8 ch. to use 32 Mb/ch. etc. Please inquire for more details on the specific models.


DataExpert Singapore is the sole distributor for Zeroplus products in Singapore.  Contact us for more information today!

Logic Cube Logic Analyzer LAP-F Series

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