Mandet Forensic Image and Video Authentication


With all the cameras and recorders nowadays, it is hard to determine the source of a media file. “Where did it come from?” and “Has it been manipulated?” are two very important questions when it comes to media files as evidence in court. Especially because media manipulation is made very easy with all the different (free) tools available on the market. Determining where the file originated from and if it has been altered often is a time consuming and hard job. However, it is a very important one and it should be done!


With Mandet we have made a software package which will give you the tools necessary to perform this job. We have tried integrating the scientific methods for media authentication in such a way that it is easy to understand. With the extensive help functionality, where the filters and operations are explained, we have made Mandet a toolbox easy to use.


Just like Impress 8, Mandet 2 is equipped with a modern and intuitive user interface. Mandet 2 offers manipulation detection for images and video, with a click of the mouse. Determining where the file originated from and if it has been altered was never easier. Scientific methods for media authentication are integrated in such a way that it is easy to use. In collaboration with DuckDuckGoose, Foclar has integrated an artificial intelligence (AI) based DeepFake detection filter to distinguish the fake.


Product highlights:

  • Compare both images and videos on filter results, metadata and hexadecimal view
  • Use synced navigation of two video files
  • Integrated reporting functionality with export to pdf, html and docx file.
  • Video analysis through automated trend analysers
  • DeepFake detection, powered by DuckDuckGoose


Features include, but are not limited to:

  • Filters for clone and splice detection
  • A guide helping you find the right filter
  • Camera ballistics (PRNU analysis)
  • Various annotation tools
  • Hexadecimal viewer
  • Metadata extraction

MANDET - Forensic Image and Video Authentication



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