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Master Forensics Tower

Master Forensic Tower V5S

iFL-800 Forensic Tower V5S

The Forensic Tower is the fifth super workstation used for rapid hard disk analysis and investigation independently researched and produced by Meiya Pico. It is integrated with multiple functions, including media solidification, forensics analysis, system emulation and report. Its processing capacity is equivalent to the sum of 8 hard disk duplicators, write blockers, and forensic analysis software working simultaneously. This powerful design makes the Forensic Tower a standalone forensics laboratory, which retains original data during acquisition and analyzes it using forensic software of various types (e.g. EnCase, WinHex and FTK). The Forensic Tower is installed with the Duplication system, Forensics Master, and the Digital Data Forensic Emulation System.


Key Features

  • Disk duplication

· Supports 4-channel parallel duplication with cable-free SATA/SAS slots.

· Provides parallel duplication modes of 1 to 1, 1 to 4 and 4 to 4 cloning or imaging.

· Read-only port of source disks support loading /unloading hard drive simultaneously or separately.

· Rich interfaces for IDE, SATA, SAS, and USB devices; data transfer rate of SATAIII channel up to 39 GB/min.

· Supports Apple 2010/2011/2012, mSATAM.2/NGFF disks with integrated adapters,

· Provides more controls on error handling of hard drives: multiple tries to copy abnormal sectors (e.g., Bad sector), continue to copy other sectors in case of failure of copying abnormal sectors.

· Supports data copy through network cable without removing source disk from objective PC.

· Resume broken file transfer: continue data copy from temporary pause or abnormal break point.

· Supports keyword search during cloning/imaging. Search results can be imported into forensic software for further analysis.

· Supports HPA/DCO hidden area detection and making duplication or image of these areas.

· With High-performance disk imaging function: support HASH verification by MD5 SHA-1 algorithms, supports image formats like DD, E01 and AFF. For E01 imaging, the compression rate and save directory are available to select.

· Supports data resume from Image file to HDD.

· Parallel computing capability: The investigator can complete concurrent analysis and emulation during disk cloning or imaging.

  • Forensic Analysis

· Supports automatic analysis and reporting on Mac OS X or Windows OS.

· Support data analysis on Windows (Including Windows 8.1), Mac OS X and Linux.

· Support basic drive/dynamic drive, MBR drive/GPT drive, LDM/LVM drives, RAID disk groups, supports multiple file systems decoding, such as FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, CDFS, UDF, Ext2/3/4, HFSX/HFS+ UFS, Reiser FS, and YAFFS2, ROFS on Mobile phones, and multiple deleted data recovery.

· Supports image file loading & decoding such as E01, Ex01, L01, DD, IMG, 001, ISO, DMG, VMDK, VHD, AFF.

· Supports offline decryption against EFS encryption, supports online decryption against Bitlocker encryption, Supports offline decryption against FileVault2 encryption, support

· Supports auto detection on TrueCrypt encrypted file/partition and loading for decryption.

· Support connection artifacts check of using cloud drives: such as Baidu Cloud Disk, show the

· name, software version, time of connection and network address, etc.

· Supports file recovery after simple deleting, formatting; supports deleted partition recovery, recovery basing feature of file head.

· Supports Keyword search in combined Office file and PDF file.

· Support System traces analysis: access logs of USB device connection and applications, last opened files, recycle bin, etc.

· Supports registry key recovery, logs and show the last modification time.

· Support quick decoding user artifacts in browsers like IE, Chrome, FireFox, 360, Maxthon, Opera; Easy to view the browser’s history.

· Supports data decoding in QQ messenger and data recovery.

· Supports key or password extraction in Foxmail, Office Outlook, UC, QQ, AlliWangwang, Fetion, SKYPE and MSN.

· Supports data decoding and recovery in email clients, such as Foxmail, Outlook Express, Office Outlook, EML, MSG, Flash mail, etc.

· Support photo’s EXIF information extraction and analysis

· Quick search & locating for anti-forensic software and encrypted files; also supports video framing divisions to accelerate investigation speed.

· Support fast extraction & decoding in many kinds of downloading tools Xunlei, Emule, BitComet.

· Supports quick search and analysis of logs in Windows and IIS.

· Support password/key search, including decryption key of Bitlocker, FileVault2 and Wi-Fi.

· Supports parallel forensic analysis on multiple hard drives or Images (Including keyword search);

· Support quick keyword analysis and Regular expression for searching.

· Support file signature analysis for quick check on suspicious files with faked extension.

· Supports data recovery basing file signature in unallocated clusters, Pagefile.sys, Hiberfil.sys, etc.

· Support forensic analysis in areas like unallocated clusters, Pagefile.sys, Hiberfil.sys, etc.

· Support various HASH verification, such as            MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256.

· Supports exporting forensics results to data logic relationship analysis software for further analysis.

· Support automatic forensic report generation, good for future viewing and managing.

  • OS Emulation

· Support OS emulation from hard disk and image file, supports OS Emulation during disk cloning simultaneously.

· Supported operating systems for emulation forensics: Windows 2012, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, etc.

· Supports OS for emulation forensics: MAC OS X 10.xlatest update supports 10.9.

· Supports OS for emulation forensics: Linux (latest update supports Ubuntu 13.10.

· Supports smart recovery after failure of emulating Windows OS.

· Entry password bypassing for Windows and MAC OS.

· Supports data extraction in emulated OS

· Supports OS Emulation form Full disk image or partition image (DD, E01, etc.), view the information of partition, OS and users.

· Supports automatic emulation of Windows in 1 click.

· Supported 5 types of important data extraction form Windows OS: System info, easy-to-lost data, account & password, Internet history, user artifacts.


DataExpert Singapore is the sole distributor for Meiya Pico.  Contact us for more information.

Master Forensics Tower

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