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Medex Advanced Video Forensics Training

Medex Advanced Video Forensics Training (In-Person Training)

The goal of the training was to enable analysts and examiners to understand exactly how to represent, without any tools, what every data detail of an audio or video file means and how to interpret all the information in the file.

Because of the development of that training program for the FBI, they were able to identify trends in internal video data structures and how they were encoded from a binary perspective. This led to the creation of the new Medex tool that helps examine video files.

The product focuses on using the internal structures of video evidence and video files to render information about the files that was not able to be seen before. Examples of such information are metadata, structure, and other important details.



Understand how video files are created/stored

Identify source devices

Interpret complex metadata

Detect deepfake videos

Examine video posted to social media platforms

Articulate expert results


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Medex Advanced Video Forensics Training

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