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Mobile Forensics Tower iFL-900

iFL-900 Mobile Forensics Tower 

iFL-900 Mobile Forensics Tower V2 is a new high-performance workstation, which can execute parallel forensics rapidly and intelligent data analysis, used for lab forensics. The product is integrated with acquisition, parsing, recovery, display, analysis and report generation of the mobile data, it combines artificial intelligence (AI) and forensics technology perfectly, excavating the information of mobile owner; it is equipped with network blocker and signal shielding module, preventing the mobile phone using both private and Internet network at the same time; It has more than 20 types of toolkits, among which Android Unlock Master can crack the phone permission of Samsung, Huawei, OPPO, vivo, LG, MI, HTC, Lenovo, Meizu, Gionee, nubia, LeTV, OnePlus, Small Chili, Hisense, Meitu, Koobee and so on. It’s the first time to launch the Android Smart Phone Simulation System, which is used for phone cloud forensics and mobile app investigation; it can be dedicated with Mobile Chip Forensics Investigation Box, Mobile Photo System, Visual Intelligent Data Analysis System, and Forensics Master and so on.


Key Features

  • Support parallel data extraction.
  • Support image acquisition and analysis, including the following mobile phones: iPhone, Android phones, Symbian, Windows Mobile, MTK, Spreadtrum, Nokia S40 phones.
  • Support seven smart mobile phone systems: Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Mobile/ Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry, Linux, and Bada.
  • Support multiple forensics ways, such as data cable direct forensics, Bluetooth forensics, backup forensics, image forensics, file forensics, photo forensics and SIM/SD card forensics.
  • Support recovery of deleted data, including: iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile, MTK, Spreadtrum, Nokia S40 phones, Motorola non-smart phones and Qualcomm platform CDMA feature phones.
  • Support trace recording resolution of a variety of applications, including analysis and extraction of Fetion, MiTalk, WangXin, Momo, Taobao, Skype, Facebook, Twitter, Internet history, E-mail and other software information and analysis and extraction of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and other connection records.
  • Support correlation analysis, including call records, SMS records, E-mail and so on.
  • Supports forensics of logical data, deleted data, app data and image files of phones connected by data cable or Bluetooth.
  • Supports data acquisition and analysis of image files for SIM cards and SD cards.
  • Supports taking photos or videos of external appearance of the phone as well as information displayed on the screen by the photo shooting device.
  • Supports forensics of applications, QQ, WeChat, Alipay, Momo, ZAYPA, Telegram, DingTalk, Weibo, Email, browsers, maps, China Train 12306, banking apps, video and music apps, Tencent Mobile Manager, Baidu Mobile Assistant, etc., installed on popular phones, such as iPhone and Android phones.
  • Supports quick search and view of the data when the forensics is completed.
  • Supports data analysis, including personal information, identity, photo analysis, trajectory analysis, correlation analysis, etc.
  • Supports generating evidence reports in the format of MS Word, HTML and PDF, and supports generating bookmark reports in the format of HTML.


DataExpert Singapore is the sole distributor for Meiya Pico.  Contact us for more information.

Mobile Forensics Tower iFL-900

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