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MOBILedit Mobile Devices & Smartwatch Forensics Training

MOBILedit Mobile Devices & Smartwatch Forensics Training


Course Description:


Become an expert MOBILedit Forensic operator You will learn how to operate MOBILedit Forensic to the standard required to understand how it works, what it can do and feel confident in extracting and analyzing data and presenting evidence in court. Experience the essential know-how of forensic investigation and talk to our MOBILedit experts.

Course content:


Smartwatch Forensics

Join us for this training to learn about Smartwatch Forensics. We will look at connecting to Apple Watches, and then extracting and analyzing data with MOBILedit Forensic Pro. Also, find out what evidence can be extracted from other brands such as Samsung, Garmin, Alcatel, TCL and others. Furthermore, we will talk about real past cases that used Smartwatch data for prosecutions


Phone Security Bypassing & iOS Jailbreak

MOBILedit Forensic has built-in security bypassing for many phone models, allowing you to acquire a physical image even when the phone is protected by a password or gesture. Bypass the lock screen on a wide range of Android phones, so you can keep the investigation moving forward. We are introducing a new approach to security bypassing with Live Updates technology. Jailbreaking an iOS device enables you to extract more data by gaining access to the root of the operating system and full file system access. This method provides investigators with more information for analysis and potentially crucial evidence for your case.


Advanced Application Analysis

Did you know MOBILedit Forensic supports extraction and analysis from over 1000 unique mobile applications? More than any other digital forensic software developer! If you are not seeing any data in your report, and you want to know how to see it, then this is the training for you!


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MOBILedit Mobile Devices & Smartwatch Forensics Training

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