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Monolith NAND Adapters

MR Monolith NAND adapters

- MicroSD Monolith Adapters

- MicroSD Monolith Vias Series Adapters

- SD Monolith Adapters

- UFS (USB) Monolith Adapters

- eMMC Monolith Adapters


MR Monolith NAND adapters are high quality special adapter for microSD, SD, UFD, and EMMC flash memory using NAND protocol without soldering. The MR adapters are compatible with devices such as Visual NAND Reconstructor VNR (Rusolut), Flash Extractor (Soft Center) and PC3000 Flash (Ace Laboratory).

The adapter replaces the need for any soldering to the card for reading and, thanks to unique solutions, it also enables quick XOR extraction or analysis and configuration of other pinouts than originally provided with the adapter using a logic analyzer. Use of the adapter minimizes the risk of damage card by soldering (ie pad breaking) and faster readings flash memory using various NAND programmers.



  • made from solid monolith block of TecaFORM-H made in Germany and brushed aluminum for durability.
  • special high quality pogo contact pins used which are used for specialized laboratory tests
  • ready to work on standard pinout (pinout delivered with adapter) as well as alternative one by special add-ons
  • different cards size support by special inners

Universal Tool for all devices, ie:

  • Visual NAND Reconstructor (VNR) - Rusolut
  • PC3000 Flash (Ace Laboratory)
  • Flash Extractor (Soft Center)

Advantages of our tool:

  • read data from NAND chips without soldering or desoldering
  • precision and accurate
  • access to all NAND and MMC pins
  • analyze signals and find custom pinouts without need of soldering
  • no need special skills to read Monolith NAND

Additional function:

  • direct read and write memory via MMC and EMMC
  • extraction XOR using EXSD adapter
  • pattern/LBA write via MMC and EMMC


DataExpert is proud to be the sole exclusive reseller for Multi-com products and training.

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Monolith NAND Adapters

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