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MagWiper MW-1B NSA Degausser

MagWiper MW-1B NSA Degausser


The MagWiper MW-1B Degausser uses magnetism to erase/destroy data, so it works with all magnetic-recording media, including hard disks, tapes and floppy disks. Instantly erases data regardless of OS, storage capacity, interface (IDE, SCSI) and also sanitizes damaged hard disks.


The world’s first 10,000+ Oe high-power degausser with a quick 17-second charge. The compact body incorporates the latest magnetic tape erasure technology employing diagonal magnetization to improve the efficiency of data erasure relative to the magnetic field by 50%! Provides secure data erasure from hitherto difficult-to-sanitize perpendicular magnetic-recording hard disks as well as conventional horizontal-recording hard disks.


Key Features:
• Securely deletes 100% of data in a flash moment (within 0.1 second)
• Erased data can never be recovered
• Produce an approx. 20,000 gauss field to erase high coercivity data
• As short as 15 seconds cycle time
• Erase zone capacity: ONE 3.5” hard drive or EIGHT 2.5” hard drives at a time
• High throughput: can erase up to 240 units of 3.5” hard drives or up to 1,920 units of 2.5” hard drives per hour
• LCD monitor displays generated magnetic field in each job to ensure complete erasure
• LCD monitor displays total number of erasures and job status
• Malfunction alarm: if the magnetic field drops below a specific value, an alarm LED will light
• Operating indicator: there will be a flashing light during operation to visually confirm that a magnetic field is generated
• Very simple user operation because of automatic recharging after finishing an erasure
• Portable and easy to transport as the unit is relatively small and light
• Optional Barcode Recording System : The barcode reader automatically captures
the hard disk part number (P/N) and serial number (S/N), eliminating the risk of transcription errors


*Compliant with International Standards

Meets PCI DSS, Data Security Standard, NIST Guidelines, NIST SP 800-36, NIST SP 800-88, HIPAA, PIPEDA, GLBA (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act) and Californaia Senate Bill 1386 standards.


  • Portable : Relatively small and light. Easily transported to various locations for on-site media erasure.
  • Safety : The MagWipers have been tested to validate safe operation with low-level field leakage.
  • Simple Operation : Only need to insert the target in the chamber, push the "Erase" button, and remove the target
  • Flux Density Display : A front-panel LCD displays the magnetic flux density used for the data erasure.
  • Operating Indicator : A flashing light at the chamber door edge visually confirms that a magnetic field is generated.
  • LCD Display : The LCD shows total number of erasures and magnetic field intensity used for the last erasure.
  • Malfunction Alarm : If the magnetic flux density drops below a specified value, an alarm LED lights.
  • Cooling function : A cooling fan operaties as required during the operation
  • Door lock : The chamber door locks onclosure to prevent operator hand insertion, or target ejection.
  • Use of Trays : Permits preparation of next load during recharge.



MagWiper MW-1B NSA Degausser

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