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Octopus Data Collector

OCTOPUS Multi-Protocol Acquisition Device is designed for online/offline data acquisition from irremovable storages like server laptop, pad and all-in-one computers by four high-speed transfer channels.


o Removable Disk
Support for disk change to obtain unlimited storage during acquisition, if any target disk is full.
o Data Viewer
By creating a virtual disk in the built-in system, the Octopus allows user to view data after acquisition.
o Hash Verification Option
This optional feature allows the user to verify the exact replication of the source drive.
o Error Handling
An error granularity user-selectable setting provides more control over error handling of the master drive.
o Image Format
Image format DD, as the most basic digital evidence format, can be analyzed by all popular forensic softwares.


o Acquisition without Disassembling
By built-in micro system, the Octopus provides strong support for online/offline data acquisition without disassembling suspect's or victim's computer.
o Parallel Acquisition Technology
This unique technology maximizes the use of object computer’s ports and achieves 4 channels parallel acquisition.
o Resume Broken File Transfer
Make it possible to suspend task and resume file transfer for specific situations.
o Friendly User Interface
The extremely easy and intuitive user interface makes it simple to operate for all skill levels
o High Data Transfer Rate
Maximum acquisition speed: 50GB/min

Octopus Data Collector

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