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Oxygen Forensic® Detective is a forensic software solution designed to acquire data from mobile devices, their backups and images, memory cards, SIM cards, drones, and cloud storages. The program has played a significant role in criminal and other investigations all over the world and is used by Law Enforcement units, Police Departments, army, customs and tax services and other government authorities.

With Oxygen Forensic® Detective you can acquire and analyze:

• Device information

• Contacts

• Dialed, received, and missed calls

• Organizer data (notes, tasks, and calendar entries)

• Messages (SMS, MMS, iMessages, emails with attachments)

• Images, videos, audio files, voice records, documents, and database files

• Geo location data stored in various sources

• Device connections history (Wi-Fi, Cell Tower, etc)

• Device event logs

• Logins, passwords, and tokens extracted from applications databases (including passwords to applications, cloud storages, encrypted backups, and Wi-Fi networks)

• Deleted records and files

• Applications data from devices running iOS, Android OS, BlackBerry 10, and Windows Phone 8

• WebKit data from iOS and Android devices

• Data from cloud sources: iCloud, Google, Microsoft, Huawei, Samsung, Mi Cloud, EMail (IMAP) Server, DJI drone, etc.

• GPS locations, images and videos from drones

• Call Data Records received from mobile service providers

• SIM card data via SIM card reader


1. Advanced physical methods

Physical collection while bypassing device security.


2. Aggregated contacts

Uncover and reveal names, usernames, emails, and more in different sources on the device.


3.Android jet imager

Create full physical dumps from android devices  25% faster than regular methods.




Extract, decrypt and examine user data from today's most popular apps.


5.Backup and image import

Import and parse various backups and images made from today's devices like ios, android, and more as well as import from other forensic tools like Cellebrite and Msab.


6.CDR analysis

Process and analyze call data records obtained from wireless providers. visualize geo coordinates on the map and identify links between callers



7.Cloud data

Gain access to cloud services like: whatsapp, telegram, icloud, google, samsung, microsoft, facebook, instagram, twitter and many other social media cloud services.



8.Credentials collection on computer

Collect credentials and passwords on computer using Oxygen Forensic® keyscout



9.Data reports

Customize and generate data reports in many formats like pdf, xls, rtf, xml and html.


10.Data scout

Retrieve live subscriber information associated with the phone number including address, phone carrier, and other available data



11.Data search

Powerful global search over a single device, multiple devices or entire case. 



12.Deleted data

Automatically recover deleted records and files: contacts, calls, messages, notes, photos, videos, sqlite databases and other vital evidence


13.Device information

View the detailed information about the device and its owner


14.Drone data

Extract and analyze drone data from physical dumps, drone logs and mobile applications.


15.Encrypted backups and images import

Find passwords to encrypted backups and images by using various attacks and optimize the attacks to deliver unrivaled results in record speeds.



16.Event log

View dialed, answered and failed calls including deleted ones. Apply filters to show calls only for a specific period of time


17.File browser

Access a devices photos, audio and video files, databases and other acquired evidence at the file-system level. view any file in a raw, hex mode, native view.


18.Geo data

Extract and view geo coordinates from various sources: applications data, photo and video exif headers, history of Wi-Fi connections, etc


19.IOT device support

Extract and analyze data from IOT devices


20.Key evidence

Mark important entries as key evidence in any program section and view them later in a single list


21.Keyword search

Create and use keyword lists to quickly find the relevant data during or after data extraction



22.Link analysis

Explore social connections between the device owner and his contacts or between several devices by analyzing calls, messages and app communication activities


23.Live data extraction

Extract data from mobile devices based on iOS, android, windows phone, windows mobile, blackberry, bada OS or feature phones. additionally, acquire device media and SIM cards


24.Locations visualization

Open geo coordinates on the built-in maps, visualize user’s movements, determine his frequently visited places and find out if several people were at the same time at the same place



Gain access to SMS, MMS, email and iMessage communications and read them either in table or chats view



Decrypt passwords and authentication tokens to user accounts in social networks, messengers and email apps. reveal passwords that were used to connect to Wi-Fi networks



View all phonebook information including names, phone numbers, email addresses, notes, birthdays, creation and modification dates


28.Plist viewer

Open and examine. Plist files found in iOS device extractions.

Use converter panel to convert values into a readable format


29.Sqlite viewer

Examine sqlite databases, recover deleted data, convert values, build sql queries, perform search and export selected entries to reports


30.Screen lock disabler

Get access to the critical data by disabling screen lock on LG android devices with one click



Discover spyware that might be running on mobile devices and analyze its logs and configuration files



View all events in a chronological order: chats, calls, voicemails, photos and videos history, Wi-Fi connections, geo files and web cache


33.Web connections

Find out when and where the device owner used internet access and gather information about frequent locations of ios users


34.Webkit data

Parse user’s emails from webmail interface and content of visited webpages. Gain access to email messages, web search history, locations and other data stored in webkit databases



Extract and recover user’s calendars, notes and tasks. Decode iOS encrypted notes


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