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Acquire Expert Knowledge | Flash/Monolith/SSD Data Recovery Expert Training

Sharpen Your Data Recovery Skills with PC-3000 Training


PC-3000 Flash/SSD/Monolith Data Recovery Expert Training (5 Days)

Course Description:

This 5-day course provides you with a comprehensive pathway of all necessary steps for NAND Flash memory and monolith data recovery with PC-3000 Flash and PC-3000 SSD. This training is an efficient combination of theoretical knowledge and numerous practical cases of data recovery. The course will provide extensive information on how the PC-3000 Flash functions on real-life examples followed by practical exercises. The students will discover the info about the types and structure of NAND memory devices and their malfunctions, perform various practical tasks and learn different procedures of NAND data recovery. Individual approach to every student is guaranteed.


The training attendees will find out how to:

  • build a proper data recovery plan for NAND device
  • dismantle the drive, unsolder the memory chip and prepare it for the reading process
  • perform the data preparation algorithm, ECC, Bit error correction, and algorithms of image generation
  • recover data in automatic mode
  • perform the NAND data recovery and use the PC-3000 Flash in the most efficient way
  • install the monolith chip into a Spider Board adapter and recover data from a monolith with the help of PC-3000 Flash and Spider Board adapter
  • diagnose the SSDs and recover data from them using PC-3000 SSD
  • use the PC-3000 Flash and PC-3000 SSD to improve the built image and maximize the extracted data.


Upon completion, the student will get:

  • Essential knowledge and basic skills for NAND data recovery using PC-3000 Flash and PC-3000 SSD
  • Official ACE Lab Data Recovery Certificate
  • A pretty ACE Lab t-shirt

PC-3000 Flash/SSD/Monolith Data Recovery Expert Training

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