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Acquire Expert Knowledge | HDD Data Recovery Expert Training

Sharpen Your Data Recovery Skills with PC-3000 Training


PC-3000 HDD Data Recovery Expert Training (3 Days)


Course Description:

This 3-day course teaches the fundamental principles of recovering data from Hard Disk Drives with the PC-3000 data recovery system. The course will provide extensive information on how hard drives are built and how they operate, including a deep look into their internal structure and components. The students will discover the info about the different parts and variations of the PC-3000 system, perform various practical tasks on malfunctioning hard drives and learn different data recovery procedures.


The training attendees will find out how to:

  • properly install and utilize the PC-3000 system and navigate through its various options and menus
  • identify the types of hardware and software failures specific to different hard drive vendors
  • correctly analyze a failed hard drive, properly diagnose it, and build a proper data recovery plan
  • operate the PC-3000 system to properly address the issues of a failed hard drive
  • utilize the PC-3000 tool to correct common system area errors
  • recognize and disable faulty heads
  • find suitable donors for replacement parts
  • analyze and cope with the electrical component of a failed drive
  • use the PC-3000 system and the Data Extractor tool to maximize the amount of extracted data.


Upon completion, the student will get:

  • Essential knowledge and basic skills for HDD data recovery with PC-3000 and Data Extractor
  • Official ACE Lab Data Recovery Certificate
  • A pretty ACE Lab t-shirt

PC-3000 HDD Data Recovery Expert Training

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