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PC-3000 Mobile Pro

PC-3000 MOBILE PRO (for Law Enforcement ONLY)



The PC-3000 Mobile PRO is a hardware-software solution intended for recovering data from mobile devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets as well as other devices that use solid-state drives and NAND memory chips as internal memory. Depending on the condition of the device and circumstances of the exact case, the PC-3000 Mobile PRO provides several approaches to get data: high-level access by conventional means, in-depth research that includes the disassembling of the storage media and Chip-off methods, or uploading previously created images for further analysis.



► Recovering data from the internal memory of modern Android base mobile phone even in case of damage of the device or when there is no access to data for other reasons. The Android version does not matter!

► Quick adding new smartphone models based on Qualcomm, Mediatek, and Spreadtrum controllers upon customer requests

► Access to smartphones via the MTP and ADB protocol (rooting is required)

► Direct access to EMMC (using the chip-off method and a special adapter) ► 100% integrity of the analyzed EMMC on the smartphone

► Basic content analysis and data parsing for extraction of SMS / WhatsApp / Contacts / Meda info



► USB 3.0 interface to connect the PC-3000 Mobile PRO controller to a PC in your lab or a laptop for on-site data recovery tasks

► 2 USB ports to connect mobile devices

► USB ports overcurrent protection and analysis of USB bus errors

► Ability to control the power supply on the USB ports of the PC-3000 Mobile PRO controller

► An independent extension port to work with eMMC/eMCP chips

► Chips reading speed up to 100 MB/sec, 1, 4, 8 bits bus support

► Hardware write protection switchers for SD/MMC ports

► Algorithms to improve the quality of reading

► The built-in power control adapter

► Logical recovery and data analysis capabilities

► SD/microSD memory cards support

► Specialized SD/MMC adapter to support the following types of MMC memory chips:

Types: eMMC 153/169, eMCP 162/186, eMCP 221, eMCP 529

Sizes: 11,5x13, 10x11, 9x11, 14x18, 12x18, 12x16, 15x15


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PC-3000 Mobile Pro

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