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Sintelix - Text Intelligence Solution

Sintelix - The Text Intelligence Solution

- For Law Enforcement, Intelligence, Defence, BSFI, & Corporate Investigation

- Sintelix offers industry leading information extraction capabilities including entity and relationship extraction at high accuracy in many languages. Vast quantities of unstructured data can be combined to create accurate entity networks linked to topic analyses and community structure decompositions.

- Visualisations include listings, tables, maps, link charts and timelines. Unlike other products, Sintelix simultaneously excels in analytical power, accuracy, speed, scalability, configurability and ability to integrate.



  • - Entity Extraction
  • - Relationship Extraction (multilingual)
  • Network extraction,
  • Analysis & Visualization,
  • Data Linking
  • Documents Deduplication
  • Similar or related documents
  • Advanced Filters
  • Automatic classification of documents
  • Multimodal Search & Discovery, Alerts
  • Document Tagging, Classification & Routing
  • Editors for Documents & Networks Taxonomies,
  • Information Management
  • Email Import
  • Topic Discovery & detection,
  • Spreadsheet for Text
  • Contextual Geocoding
  • OCR, Normalization, Doc Structure Extraction,
  • Tables structure extraction,
  • metadata Extraction
  • Rapid configuration
  • Timeline analysis
  • Handles, collate, fuse vast amount of data into a centralized database
  • Ingest various data sources

     • 1500+ different file types

     • Email - PST and OST files

     • OSINT (Open Source Intelligence)

     • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

  • Advanced Search
  • Visual Analytics
  • Fully Configurable


Sintelix - Text Intelligence Solution

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