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Sound Cleaner II Noise Suppression Software

Sound Cleaner II Noise Suppression Software

Sound Cleaner II is a sophisticated professional tool for noise suppression
and increasing speech intelligibility in audio recordings. The software features
filtration algorithms for various application areas: forensic examination,
television and radio broadcasting, audio restoration and studio processing.
• Display both original and processed signals
• Listen in real time to a processed signal
• Built-in presets with audio samples
• Save filter for future use
• 4096-band equalizer
• All most commonly used audio file formats and codec support
• Extract sound from video files
• Built-in text editor connecting sound and text.

• Enhanced speech intelligibility in audio recordings
• Noise reduction (broadband noise, tonal noise, pulses, etc.)
• Extract audio tracks from video files with subsequent sound


• Broadband Noise Filter
• Inverse Filter
• Tone Suppressor
• Click Suppressor
• Dynamic Range Control
• Equalizer
• Reverb Suppressor
• DTMF Suppressor
• Cellphone Noise Filter
• Clip Restorer
• STC Auto filter
• Reference noise filter

Sound Cleaner II Noise Suppression Software

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