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Atola TaskForce 2

Key Features

  • Image 25+ drives simultaneously at 25 TB per hour. 
    To simultaneously image 25+ evidence devices and run other forensic tasks at 25 TB/hour, TaskForce 2 is equipped with 26 ports of all popular types
    - 8 SATA
    - 8 SAS/SATA4
    - NVMe M.2/U.2 PCIe 4.0
    - 4 USB
    - 1 IDE
    - 1 Extension slot for pluggable M.2 SSD, Apple PCIe SSD, Thunderbolt extension modules
    All respective drive interfaces are supported: M.2 / U.2 NVMe, SATA I/II/III, SAS3 (12 Gb), USB 2.0/3.x, IDE. Flash cards are supported via a USB card reader.
  • Automatically reassemble and image RAIDs. 
    - Automatically identify unknown configurations of RAID arrays.
    - Reassemble RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, JBOD.
    - Rebuild RAID 5 with a missing or damaged device.
    - Rebuild RAID 6 with two missing or damaged devices.
    - Preview RAID contents. Image the whole array or only selected partitions, folders, and files.
  • Acquire data even from damaged drives. 
    - Retrieve data even from physically damaged evidence drives while avoiding further deterioration of the media.
    - Detect any drive issues during automated diagnostics.
    - Image bad drives in the most gentle yet thorough way thanks to the proprietary multi-pass imaging algorithm.
  • Get the full power of the server-grade hardware and two 10Gb network ports.

Atola TaskForce 2

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