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Get Certified | Belkasoft Certified Expert Training Program

Belkasoft Certified Training Program


Belkasoft Certified Course is intended for investigators of any level of expertise who want to acquire hands-on skills in computer, mobile and cloud investigation and enrich their toolkit with Belkasoft Evidence Center X, all-in-one forensic solution (


It is an intermediate-level course which covers fundamental principles every digital forensic investigator should know. By the successful completion of the course, each participant gets strong skills in Belkasoft Evidence Center X, and also deepens their knowledge about techniques behind it, and methodology of digital forensic analysis. In particular the participants will learn how to:


  • configure Belkasoft Evidence Center X and start the investigation,
  • acquire data from hard drives, smartphones and cloud, add other data sources,
  • analyze most relevant artifacts (including internet evidence, media, registry data etc.) and overcome difficulties working with these types of artifacts,
  • create an efficient report on pertinent findings.


Various analysis options will be considered: extraction of artifacts from existing files, carving, live RAM analysis, hibernation and pagefile analysis.


Every module is accompanied by a set of practical exercises and all related questions will be answered during the training session.


Students will be required to complete a final exam consisting and all passing students will receive an official Belkasoft Certificate, valid for 3 years

Belkasoft Certified Training Program

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