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Elcomsoft Advanced Password Recovery Training

Reasons to take the Advanced Password Recovery course

  • In this comprehensive course on password recovery, students are led through the fundamentals of data protection, encryption and passwords. The course teaches students to deal with the many types of encrypted information, explains the differences between the different types of protection, encryption and passwords. Attendees will get hands-on experience in breaking passwords to the many common types of data including encrypted volumes, protected documents, archives and backups. Attendees who successfully pass the class assignments will be given a certificate of completion.


The skills you get

  • The students will gain in-depth understanding of data protection methods, encryption and passwords. The attendees will learn using the most efficient workflow to access the many types of protected information. They’ll learn about the specifics of recovering access to encrypted volumes and crypto containers, gaining access to password-protected documents and archives. The students will master the skills of extracting passwords from the user’s computer, building targeted dictionaries and applying meaningful mutations. The attendees will gain understanding of the different types of attacks, the hardware resources required to perform those attacks, and their relation to the recovery timeframe and success probability.

Elcomsoft Advanced Password Recovery Training

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