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eMMC-1to9Duplicator-EMC510G is an industrial grade 1-9 standalone eMMC Duplicator/Sanitizer. The eMMC duplicator supports bit-by-bit eMMC source card duplication. Its high ability in source files transformation will save time and increases your productivity.



  • Copy/ Compare /Erase Performance
    • High compatible with eMMC version 4.3/4.4/4.41/4.5/5.0 and above. 
    • Impeccable copy speed efficiency. Support transmission speed up to 3 GB/min and each port.
    • Allow users to select copy area including Boot partition, RPMB partition, Enhanced area and User data area.
    • Bit-by-bit copy and compare function provides the most reliable copy solution.
    • 3 professional Erase modes: Quick Erase, Full Erase, DoD Erase
  • High Compatibility
    • No model limitation, support all major eMMC models
    • Supports Boot partition, RPMB partition, Enhanced area and User data area copy.
    • Supports CSD, eCSD copy.
    • Supports GP1, GP2, GP3, GP4 copy.
  • Advanced Functions
    • Event Log Management: -Records operation time, each port’s process details, including card’s model no, capacity, S/N, result (Pass, Fail).
    • Individual SD socket for easily system update via SD card.
    • Replaceable eMMC socket is available.
    • Smart LED indicator shows clear working status and result.
    • Quick interface-replacement tool available for optional accessories.


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