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EverASM-Shoeprint Matcher

Everspry Automated Shoeprint Matcher (EverASM™) is an advanced shoeprint recognition system that helps law enforcement experts to solve investigations faster, efficiently, and cheaper.


With EverASM™ you can


•Build your own database

•Link shoeprints from differentcases

•Search and manage your records

•Forget about paper evidence

•Increase clearance rate

•Save time and money


Key Features

  • You can upload shoeprints directly from your computer, edit case information, print 1:1 scale exhibits, link and compare shoeprints, and much more.
  • Easy to operate.  EverASM™ does not require specialized forensic knowledge and can easily be operated after only minimum training.
  • Deep learning search. Using deep neural networks, EverASM™ algorithms accurately search crime scene, suspect, reference databases, as well as EverSole™ database, which contains about 60,000 shoe models.


  • Efficient case-linking

The system provides you with a workbench for linking suspects and cases, which is imperative in determining suspects’ degree of offense for proper indictment.


  • Regular database updates

EverSole™ database is regularly updated by our team of experts, who maintain contact with shoe manufacturers and add 5,000 shoe records per year.

EverASM-Shoeprint Matcher

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