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Exterro FTK Central

Exterro FTK Central

As digital evidence continues to grow in size and complexity, digital forensics professionals need a powerful solution built for both speed and simplicity. Exterro FTK Central delivers the industry’s fastest processing engine in a collaborative web-based platform to dramatically accelerate your workflow. FTK Central empowers reviewers to work together to find evidence faster and produce results quickly with minimal training.  Forensically collect data from anywhere, including cloud data sources and off-network endpoints. Ingest the most complex data types, including mobile and chat application data. Perform near-native review of all evidence through a single lens.


Take your digital forensic investigations to the next level with Exterro FTK Central.


Fresh, Intuitive UI
Built for the mindset of forensic reviewers, resulting in familiarity for all skill levels. Empower frontline investigators to review their own evidence and be instantly productive with minimal training.
Industry-Leading Processing Power
Designed for speed and managing complex data on
a simple, reliable platform. Configure multiple DPEs to scale up and reduce processing time from days to hours.
Unrivaled Near-Native Review
Review of chat application data, mobile data, and Excel spreadsheets using a single, intelligent viewer that seamlessly navigates between data types, and automatically renders the viewer according to the type of file selected. New Pop-out Viewer allows for easier dual-monitor viewing.
Collaborate with outside reviewers and team members in real time to uncover evidence faster.
Administrators can configure each case file so reviewers only see data that is relevant for their assigned cases.


Forensically Collect
Collect endpoint data. Perform covert, remote off-network collection, as well as cloud data source collection from popular tools like the G Suite, Office365, and Slack.
Automate Tasks
From evidence acquisition to evidence review and export, to eliminate time spent on manual, repetitive tasks. Create custom hotkey shortcuts for common review tasks. Use AI categories for image and picture labeling to create workflow efficiencies.
FTK Central can even send you a text message when your processing job is finished and ready for review, via the optional API.
Compatibility with the entire FTK Product Family. FTK Central will integrate seamlessly with other tools like FTK, Lab, and Enterprise, to enhance your existing forensic lab ecosystem and provide
a solution to fit all skillsets.


Exterro FTK Central

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