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Get Certified | Advanced Mobile Forensics Expert Training

GMDSOFT Advanced Mobile Forensics Training


This course is designed to enhance the skills of senior-level practitioners who have prior experience with MD-NEXT and MD-RED. It builds upon the foundation laid by GCMP and provides necessary skills to successfully manage mobile forensic investigation cases.


Course Content:

  • Messenger Apps Analysis - App Data Structure & Deleted Message Analysis (WhatsApp/WeChat/Facebook Messenger/Telegram)
  • Mobile Device Extraction Indepth - Android Physical, Android Logical, iOS Logical, Additional Features in MD-NEXT
  • Analysis By Subjects - Device Information Analysis, Filesystem Time Analysis (Android/iOS), Multimedia Analysis (SD Card/ iCloud Sync), Recycle Bin Analysis (iOS/Android)
  • User Activity Analysis - Device Resets (Android/iOS), Application Logs, User Activity on Messenger
  • JTAG Forensics (Optional module)
  • Chip-off Forensics (Optional module)
  • Analysis by Subjects II - Anti-Forensics Analysis & Case Studies (Optional module)


Level: Intermediate (Experienced) 

Next Level Course: GCMS

Course Length: 4 - 5 Days

Instructional Methods: Instructor-Led On Site/ Online (Live)

GMDSOFT Advanced Mobile Forensics Training

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